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During my 30+ years as a Travel Consultant, I've had the opportunity to travel and explore some incredible destinations around the world. I've always appreciated how inspiring and impactful travel can be.  Five years ago, I discovered an entirely new way of travel, travelling on retreats. I quickly learned how rich and experiential this way of travel can be. 

The seed for Wassermann Retreats was planted a half a decade ago in Costa Rica. My Nia teacher had been running retreats for years and I always had a secret desire to join her. When the timing was finally right I had the opportunity to attend one of her retreats. Little did I know that this retreat would change my life.  Sharing this experience with such a powerful group of woman was beyond my expectations. I was amazed at how transformational it was for all of us and we developed such a deep and rich bond. I left with inspired action to bring this type of experience to others and use my travel expertise to help retreat leaders bring their dream of hosting retreats to life.


Retreat Consultant

After 25 years of working in corporate, I could no longer sell my soul, not even for a day...

I started studying Shamanism about 15 years ago and have gone on many sacred journeys and retreats in that time. Several years ago Cathy helped me put together a retreat to Peru, which was amazing! Cathy and I worked really well together, so when she asked me to join her at Wassermann Retreats two years ago I jumped at the opportunity.

I am really excited to be able to help other Retreat Leaders have the same type of amazing experience I had in Peru!

The Adventure Loving Mascot of Wassermann Retreats

Did you know the tradition of selecting a mascot was originally intended to bring good luck? This is exactly what we had in mind when we chose PinchMe as our mascot for Wassermann Retreats. We send PinchMe along on all our retreats to bring good karma and keep everyone safe.  He has been on some wonderful adventures and is excited to see where future retreats will take him.


Where does PinchMe come from?

PinchMe was adopted from Peru during our inaugural retreat in April 2015.  This adventure was something that we had dreamt about for over a year and was an important part of why I established Wassermann Retreats. In the months leading up to the trip we anticipated this adventure coming to life and the term "Pinch Me" (are we really going!)  was frequently used in our group emails.  What better name for this cute llama from Peru!


My passion is supporting retreat leaders, like yourself, to bring your retreat vision to life. Using my background of 30+ years in the travel industry, I'm here to help you so you can share your gifts and provide a true transformational experience to your participants.

- Cathy Wassermann, Founder

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