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Join Sarah Britton & Mikkala Kissi

Golden Circle Retreat

Xinalani - Mexico  |   January 21 - 27 & January 29 - February 4, 2023


Start each day with a centering physical practice, led by Mikkala Kissi of Living Yolates and an intimate cooking class or nutrition workshop with Sarah Britton of My New Roots. This 6-day revitalizing retreat will restore your balance, cultivate inner peace, and nourish your body from the inside out. Learn to take care of yourself on a deeper level, and feel empowered moving forward knowing what optimal wellbeing looks like in your life beyond our week together.

Starting From: $2200 USD


Join Ally Boothroyd and Tiina Kivinen

The Re-Enchantment

Casas Kismet - Costa Rica  |   February 4 - 11, 2023 & February 11 - 18, 2023

Join Ally and Tiina as they welcome both new and dedicated yogis, nature lovers, meditation enthusiasts, yoga teachers, mermaids, travel junkies, and conscious women of all ages to join them in the wild jungle of the Nicoya Peninsula and legendary, healing waters of the Pacific Ocean on Playa Peleda in Nosara, Costa Rica.

Starting From: $1699 USD

drop in.jfif

Join Jen Dagleish & Tiffani Harris

Pure Unplugged Santa Teresa

Drop In - Costa Rica |  February 11 - 18 2023


We are heading back to the Drop In to live that tropical jungle and beach life. Enjoy 7 nights living in paradise at our own private property, with daily yoga classes in our beautiful treehouse shala and delicious healthy meals prepared by our private chef. Add in some excursions, such as surfing for all levels, waterfall hikes, or simply relax by the pool. You get to create your own dream vacation!

Starting From: $1995 USD


Join Donna Davis

Powerful Woman Yoga "Costa Rica Style"

Casas Kismet - Costa Rica |  February 25 - March 4, 2023


Join Donna Davis to get ready to shine, from inside and out. Create an energized, more powerful, more amazing YOU.

Enjoy 7 nights living in paradise on our own private property. Nestled on top of a quiet ridge in Playa Pelada, a unique surf town known for laid-back vibe and beautiful beaches. This exclusive space in the jungle allows you to come and immerse yourself in nature.

Starting From: $1999 USD


Join Elisabeth Parsons

Rising Moon Retreat

Casas Kismet - Costa Rica  |   March 4 - 11, 2023 

Take a deep breath and picture yourself sitting by the pool relaxing without a worry or care in the world. Knowing that this is your time and there’s plenty of it. Feeling connected with yourself, your heart and your joy. Experience what it feels like to let go…to surrender. Join Elisabeth in beautiful Costa Rica and discover the tools you need to stay connected at home. Awaken to the beauty within you as you retreat to Costa Rica and the Rising Moon Retreat.

Starting From: $1795 USD


Join Erin Ward-Williams and Jade Smith

Azur Fit - All Terrain Retreat

Prana del Mar - Mexico  |   March 4 - 11, 2023 

Situated in the desert of Baja Mexico, Prana del Mar is a luxurious oceanfront and wellness centre located just 45 minutes north of Cabo.

Surrounded by expansive views of the Sierra de Laguna mountains and stunning views of the Pacific Ocean, you will start your day with group fitness classes led by Jade Smith. Unwind in the evening with therapeutic restorative yoga led by Erin Ward-Williams. During the day you will be living your best life, setting out on new adventures and lounging by the pool.

Starting From: $2395 USD


Join Amanda Rico and Amanda Lytle


Xinalani - Mexico  |   March 25 -  April 1, 2023 

 Join us in paradise and nurture your wellbeing. Xinalani is one of the foremost world-class yoga retreat centers in Mexico. Find an inspiring hideaway with beautiful rooms, healthy Mexican food and eco-friendly activities.

We will offer your spirit and soul a balance between activity and rest so your body and mind are able to rest.  Our wish is for you to feel like you’ve recommitted to yourself, have deepened your sense of self-compassion, and feel like you’ve come home to yourself.

Starting From: $2095 USD


Join Kristi Stangeland

Find Your Flow

Xinalani Retreat - Mexico |   April 1 - 8, 2023 

Let’ s face it – life can throw us off balance! Join me as we relax, reset and recharge along the sandy shores of the fabulous Xinalani eco-resort. Find your flow again amid a week of healthy and delicious food, optional yoga, meditation sessions, and workshops designed to help you gain your footing again.

You ’ll come away re-calibrated with a new set of tools, tips and insights that will keep you in balance when you return to “ real” life.

Starting From: $2300USD

Tree Tops Yoga.jpeg

Join YuMee Chung and Michelle Corbeil

Reset, Renew & Recharge

Bodhi Tree - Costa Rica |  April 15 - 22, 2023


If you’re feeling the need to reset, recharge and renew, have we got a retreat for you. Join yoga teachers YuMee Chung and Michelle Corbeil on a transformative weeklong retreat to Nosara, Costa Rica that is designed to revitalize the way you move, eat, rest, play, and engage with the present moment.

Our twice daily practices will meet you where you are, regardless of your level of experience, and offer you ways to hold yourself accountable to your highest goals by offering the kind of detailed, personalized attention that catalyzes personal breakthroughs.

Starting From: $2660 USD


Join Jackie Eldridge and Dr Anita Shack

Embrace Expansion: Spark Your Life in Tuscany

La Chiana di Prumiano - Tuscany |   June 5 - 12, 2023


Join Jackie & Anita as you embrace the expansive opportunity to spark the joy of life through connecting with nature, sharing company with like minded soulful individuals, and being supported through ritual and ceremony by two knowledgeable, experienced, and heart-centred facilitators.

Delight and nourish your senses. Come alive and reignite your spark for life.

Re-treat yourself in the nurturing region of Tuscany, Italy!

Starting From: $4499 CAD

Main Entrace.jpg

Join YuMee Chung

Summer Solstice Retreat

Bloom Holistic Retreat - Canada |  June 19 - 22, 2023


Join YuMee Chung for a luxurious 3-night, mid-week yoga and meditation retreat in Easter Ontario and delight in the undeniable magic of the Summer Solstice. Greet the day with meditation and forest bathing, jump into enlivening morning practices that weave breath with flowing, organic movement inspired by the natural world, and step into afternoon workshops that explore therapeutic and restorative aspects of the practice. A philosophically oriented evening program will carry you toward deep rest for body, mind and spirit.

The plan is simple: offer a bespoke yoga experience in an authentic setting, add a private chef and lots of time to explore, and sit back to witness the magic.

Starting From: $795 CAD


Join YuMee Chung

Coastal Portugal Private Villa Retreat

Casa Fuzetta - Portugal |   June 28 - July 3, 2023


Join yoga instructor and travel enthusiast YuMee Chung on an exclusive yoga retreat to the Algarve, the stunning southern coastline of Portugal, a region blessed with beaches, picturesque fishing villages and 300 days of sunshine per year. Unlike most retreats, which are held in all-inclusive resorts, this week will be set in a lovingly restored historic townhouse in the heart of Olhão's old town, a place unspoiled by mass tourism. Known for its earthy charm, cobbled streets, bohemian art scene, and warm hospitable people, this is a place to reconnect with a slower, seasonal way of life, and with a genuine community of creative, like-minded souls.

The plan is simple: offer a bespoke yoga experience in an authentic setting, add a private chef and lots of time to explore, and sit back to witness the magic.

Starting From: $1950 USD


Join Jaffer Hussain

Summer Retreat

Bloom Holistic Retreat - Canada  |   July 7 - 9, 2023


Details coming soon

Starting From: $$$ CAD


Join YuMee Chung

Summer Retreat in Crete

Pavlos' Place - Greece |   August 5- 12, 2023


If you like your yoga sweaty and sun baked with salt brine in your hair then we have just the summer retreat for you. Located steps from Triopetra Beach in Southern Crete, our retreat will offer you the simple pleasures of nature’s unspoiled beauty and honest-to-goodness Greek hospitality. When not on your mat or sharing a scrumptious meal at our communal table, you will enjoy exploring miles of deserted beach, swimming and snorkeling in crystal clear seas, reading in a shaded nook, or doing sweet nothing.

Your teaching team includes Toronto-based teacher YuMee Chung and the owners of Karma Cologne, Nicki Wiehl and Anni Hoffmann. Together they will share a well-curated slate of practices ranging from dynamic to meditative, adventurous to nurturing, traditional to modern, and everything in between.

Starting From: $1150 USD

Oceana Shala.jpeg

Join Jaffer Husain

Rest. Relax. Restore.

Bodhi Tree  Resort - Costa Rica |   November 4 - 11, 2023


Join Jaffer in the Nosara jungle of Costa Rica for an incredible week long retreat in 2023. Bask under the warm sun or cozy up in the shade of the palms. Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort boasts phenomenal accommodations, spa and access to adventurous excursions. Indulge in a yoga practice twice a day and give yourself permission to unplug, rest and restore.

Starting From: $2195 USD


Join Barb King

Bali Yoga Retreat

Floating Leaf Eco Luxury Retreat - Bali |  November 8 - 15, 2023


Join Barb King in beautiful Bali at the award winning Floating Leaf Eco Luxury Retreat, offering dramatic views of the Indian Ocean, majestic volcanoes and the surrounding rice fields from their 3 rooftop terraces. 

Enjoy daily yoga and many wonderful day trips to places like the Subak Rice Temple, the secret Waterfall and Temple and Hidden canyon Guwang, as well as a 60 minute massage and other amentities. 

Starting From: $2159 USD


Join Amber Stratton & Tiffani Harris

Pure Unplugged - Costa Rica

Bodhi Tree - Costa Rica |   November 18 - 25, 2024


Join Amber and Tiffani in paradise at the world renowned Bodhi Tree Resort in Nosara, Costa Rica. This is one of Amber and Tiff’s favorite surf beach towns. A tropical lush
jungle town with a relaxed vibe including cute restaurants and shops and the most stunning natural beach. Yoga and Ritual Retreats
are the perfect getaway for yogis and fitness enthusiasts to dive deeper into their practice and well-being while enjoying a vacation in paradise. Challenge your balance and experience your strength from your yoga mat to your surfboard.

Starting From: $2200 USD


Join Amber Stratton & Tiffani Harris

Pure Unplugged - Sayulita

Haramara Retreat - Sayulita, Mexico |   January 13 - 20, 2024


Join Amber and Tiffani as they return to the beautiful Haramara Retreat. Sayulita, Mexico is a very safe surf town on the Pacific coast just North of Puerto Vallarta.

This retreat is for those of you who are truly looking to disconnect to reconnect to yourself. We will be offering a combination of Ritual and Yoga classes at the breathtaking Haramara retreat center. The retreat center is  private property located just outside the town, set in the jungle with ocean views and open air cabanas.

This retreat is made for YOU to reconnect with yourself.

Starting From: $1675 USD

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